Encore Parts Department

Parts is a crucial element when dealing with equipment in today’s oil and gas industry. Encore’s parts department plays a key role with our customers. Here at Encore we carry aftermarket and OEM parts; which gives our customers options to fit their budgetary needs. We carry parts for the 3300 – 3600 Caterpillar engine, 7042 – 7044 Waukesha engine, Ariel JG – JGD compressor parts, starters, turbo’s, Murphy gauges and more. The parts department is on call 24/7, which gives our customers dependable and flexible service. Contact us today for all of your oil and gas engine and compressor needs.


OEM Brands:                                        Aftermarket Brands:

  • Caterpillar                                                                                      IPD
  • Waukesha                                                                                       Truerock
  • Murphy                                                                                           Memorial Machine                                                                                                                                                                  ISS Starger