About Us - Kelsey Bio PicKelsey Wylie is the Operations Manager for Encore.

Kelsey was born and raised on an East Texas farm where daily
disciplines and skills were developed working on and maintaining all types of farm equipment.

His farming skills were quickly transferable to the natural gas
compression business.  In 2005, he was employed by Hanover
Corporation as a field mechanic.  With experience, training and a
desire to excel, Kelsey at age 20 advanced to the highest level
available for a mechanic working on compressor packages valued in excess of $1.5M.  As Hanover later became Valerus, in his new role, Kelsey was responsible for installation, startup, repairs, maintenance and supervision of over $35M of field compressors.

In an effort to expand his mechanical and leadership skills, Kelsey in 2008 accepted an offer to join the Encore Oilfield Services team as a senior mechanic.

Kelsey was promoted to Manager of Operations in 2012 because of his continued dedication as a team player to the successful growth and profitability of Encore.  He is a strong believer of providing dependable
economical service to Encore customers with a skilled team of top notch mechanics.  Kelsey epitomizes the
Encore motto of “there is not time for downtime!”